Medical gases

Linde is dedicated to providing pharmaceutical and medical-grade gas products and services that enable healthcare professionals to deliver optimal therapy for their patients in hospitals, clinics, intermediate care centres, emergency centres and patients’ homes.

Medical oxygen – compressed in cylinders and liquid medical oxygen

Quality care and safety are unquestionably critical, so it is important that oxygen is handled with the utmost diligence. Linde Healthcare offers medicinal oxygen solutions, products and services to meet the specific requirements of the care facility or to help patients in the home. Medical oxygen is widely used in every healthcare setting, with applications from anaesthesia to inhalation therapy.
Medical oxygen supply options:
         Medical oxygen cylinders – we offer medical oxygen in different cylinder sizes:
         cylinder volume: 2l, 10l, 40l with the working pressure 150 bar
         cylinder volume: 2l, 5l with the working pressure 200 bar

LIV valves and cylinders image to be used for LIV campaign

Cylinder innovation: LIV - Linde Integrated Valve cylinder

Linde has introduced lightweight integral valve cylinders – LIV. LIV cylinders have a built-in pressure regulator, easy on/off handwheel and integral flow selector.

It is designed to make cylinder operation and the task of medical gas administration easier for healthcare staff, as there is no need to attach a regulator. Pressure is precisely released and controlled. 

With a wide range of flow settings, you can accurately select the treatment to meet the patient’s  prescription.

Medical nitrous-oxide – compressed in cylinders

Medicinal nitrous oxide is used as an anaesthetic and analgesic agent:
     - It acts synergistically when combined with other inhaled or intravenous anaesthetic agents.
     - It has little effect on respiration and circulation during anaesthesia. Spontaneous breathing is preserved more effectively by using the combination of medicinal nitrous oxide and any of the commonly used inhaled anaesthetics rather than when using only a potent inhaled anaesthetic.
     - Its rapid ‘wash-in’ (uptake) and ‘wash-out’ (fast elimination) together with its ability to maintain spontaneous respiration allow faster emergence when used with a modern inhaled anaesthetic than when the anaesthetic is used alone.

We offer nitrous-oxide in 2.5kg, 5kg, 20kg cylinders;


ENTONOX is a ready-to-use medical gas mixture consisting of 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen for use in all situations where analgesia and sedation with rapid onset and offset is sought. ENTONOX nitrous oxide/oxygen mixture provides the pain relieving properties of nitrous oxide with the benefits of additional oxygen without producing unconsciousness. It is a widely used analgesic for acute, short-term pain relief in a diverse range of clinical situations, from painful procedures to childbirth.

We offer ENTONOX (Nitrous Oxide 50%+Oxygen 50%) in different cylinder sizes: 12 CFT, 24 CFT, 48 CFT, 6M3, 7M3, 0.7 m3.


Medical helium is used as a vehicle for assisting respiration and gaining access to obstructed airways mainly to ensure oxygen flow into the alveoli of patients with severe respiratory obstruction. In conjunction with air and oxygen, medical helium is used for gas transfer lung function tests. Additionally liquid Helium is essential for the operation and cooling of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines.

HELIOX mixtures are typically three times less dense than air. This property allows patients with respiratory conditions to breathe more freely by reducing their work of breathing and improving their comfort.

We offer HELIOX 70 % He + 30 % O2 in different cylinder sizes: 10 L Cylinder 40 Cu, 40L Cylinder 240 Cu;
We offer HELIOX 80 % He + 20 % O2 in different cylinder sizes: 40 L Cylinder 240 Cu, 50L Medical Grade;


In hospitals, medicinal air is used mainly for ventilation and aerosol therapy and during anaesthesia:
 - When treating respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD, an effective way of delivering drug treatment is to direct it straight to the lungs by inhalation. Nebulisers are used to administer inhaled medication to patients who cannot use conventional inhalers. Medicinal air may be used to drive the drug treatment air to the nebuliser where liquid medication is converted to a mist that can be inhaled.
 - Medicinal air is used as a carrier gas for narcotic substances in inhalational anaesthesia. It may also be used with nitric oxide as a substitute for supplemental oxygen to reduce the high concentration of oxygen exposure.

We offer MedicalAir in different cylinder sizes: 0.75m3 with the pressure of 150 (bar) and 40L cylinder 6m3.

Nitric Oxide Gas

Linde Healthcare has developed a complete solution, INOmax Therapy, for the delivery of inhaled nitric oxide. Our solution integrates a dedicated system for administration, gas calibration, treatment recording, customer training and service support to ensure the most effective results with maximum patient safety. The delivery device INOvent fits every sort of ventilatory support mode and enables constant monitoring of delivered nitric oxide, oxygen and nitrogen dioxide.

Nitric Oxide Gas (NO) 1000PPM + Balanced N2 in 40l and Nitric Oxide Gas (NO) 800ppm + Balanced N2 in 10 Liter and in 50 Liter Alumin.

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