Oxygen gas is supplied in various volumes and purities for a range of applications including welding, combustion, oxidation and life-support.

Oxygen cylinder heads with caps and shoulders.

Oxygen - purities 

- Oxygen 2.5.
- Oxygen 3.5.
- Food grade oxygen - BIOGON O
- Medical oxygen  

Oxygen - supply modes 

- Oxygen Cylinders: Compressed oxygen is supplied in cylinders sized from ____ to ______; pressure __ and ____ ; and bundles _____
- Liquid oxygen: Oxygen is delivered by cryogenic tankers into onsite vacuum-insulated storage vessels which typically, with associated vaporisation equipment, provide several days' supply.

Oxygen - Common applications

  • Cutting, welding, brazing and soldering
    Used with a fuel gas
  • Oxy-cutting, plasma and laser cutting

  • Food industry
    in fermentation and Modified Atmosphere Packaging
  • Medical industry
  • Water treatment

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