Application of Novel Porous Materials in Industrially Relevant Gas Separation/Purification Processes

Linde Hellas participates in the project PUREGAS, which funded under the action "RESEARCH-CREATE-INNOVATE" (project code T1EDK-00770) and focuses on the design, development and evaluation of innovative porous materials, targeted for advanced gas purification processes, with significant industrial and commercial interest. More specifically, it aims to develop materials and corresponding processes that will allow (a) the removal of traces of moisture and hydrocarbons from hydrogen produced by electrolysis of water at desired levels, according to ISO standards 14687-2, with the aim to use purified hydrogen on a large scale as a "green fuel", using fuel cells technology, (b) the significant reduction of energy required to remove moisture, CO2 and hydrocarbons for air purification in existing industrial separation unit to produce N2 and O2. For these purposes, emphasis was placed on the development of innovative microporous materials such as MOFs (Metal Organic Frameworks), which display excellent adsorption properties in water and hydrocarbons such as CH4, while at the same time possessing great chemical and thermal stability.