Argon gas

Argon gas from Linde is supplied in several supply and commercial purity grades and to suit your requirements.

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Argon purity grades: 

    - Argon 4.6. (purity : ≥ 99,998%)
    - Argon 5.0. (purity : ≥ 99,998%)

Argon supply options
    - Argon cylinders and cylinder bundles – we offer argon in different cylinder sizes:
         Argon --l cylinder ; pressure: --- bar
         Cylinder bundles: 12 interconnected 50l argon cylinders with working pressure 200 bar.
    - Liquid argon - For customers with high-volume requirements of argon, a bulk cryogenic storage vessel installed onsite offers the most efficient and convenient solution.

Argon - common applications

  • MIG and TIG welding processes
  • Plasma cutting
  • Welding and cutting ferrous and non-ferrous materials
MIG welding. 
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