The only fuel gas that does not contain any carbon atoms. Lighter than air, it burns with an invisible, clean (carbon-free and soot-free) flame.

Storage tanks liquid hydrogen, frog view.

Hydrogen gas is supplied in various purity grades to suit needs ranging from heat transfer applications to scientific analysis:
    - 99.98% Hydrogen (Grade 3.8)
    - 99.999% Hydrogen (Grade 5.0)
    - Hydrogen, Industrial Grade, Compressed 

Hydrogen supply options:
    - Hydrogen cylinders – we offer hydrogen in different cylinder sizes:
         Hydrogen --l cylinder ; pressure: --- bar
    - Liquid hydrogen - For customers with high-volume requirements of hydrogen, a bulk cryogenic storage vessel installed onsite offers the most efficient and convenient solution.


  • Food and Beverage
    to hydrogenate edible liquid fats and oils into margarine and other fats
  • Iron and Steel
    TIG and plasma welding and cutting.
  • Pharmaceutical
    To produce pharmaceutical intermediates.
  • Aerospace
    As a fuel gas for spacecraft at ignition and to power spacecraft internal systems.
Hydrogen and CO2 PSA Unit, air separation unit (ASU), Leuna Germany, Customer: Linde engineering, Start-up 1993
Photoshoot: March 2018, Picture taken by Aydin Büyüktas
Fuelling a car with hydrogen.

Fuel cells and batteries are two
promising and mutually complementary
electric drivetrain
technologies. With comparatively
long charging times and shorter
ranges, battery-powered cars
are particularly suited to shorter
distances in urban areas. In contrast,
hydrogen-powered fuel-cell
vehicles can be refuelled within
three minutes using Linde’s ionic
compressor and can cover distances
of over 500 kilometres on
a single tank.

  • Electronics
    To enhance heat transfer, used as ultra high purity (UHP) for controlled atmospheres in semiconductor manufacturing to increase productivity and protect against impurities.
  • Chemicals
    To hydrogenate non-edible oils for soap, creams, plastic and other chemical processes and for the production of bulk, intermediates and speciality chemicals.
  • Energy
    To enhance heat transfer for cooling high speed turbine power generators and nuclear reactors and as a fuel for the growing fuel cell energy generation market.

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