Nitrogen supplied by Linde is available in range of cylinder sizes, purity requirements and on-site solutions to meet your nitrogen gas needs.

Linde Bulk truck nitrogen with promotional label showing application of gas for welding. Linde truckdriver gives hand-shake to customer.

Nitrogen - purities:  

- Nitrogen 4.6 (purity ≥ 99,996%)
- Nitrogen 5.0 (purity ≥ 99,999%)
- Food Grade Nitrogen - BIOGON N (purity ≥ 99,99%)

Nitrogen - supply modes  

Whatever your requirements of nitrogen gas are, we have a solution for you. We supply nitrogen in:

-    Cylinders: Compressed nitrogen is supplied in multiple cylinder sizes ____ to ___ capacity and bundles ______.
-    Liquid nitrogen is available in dewars of different sizes from ----- to ------
-    Bulk delivery: Liquid nitrogen is delivered by cryogenic tankers, into onsite storage, for use in high-volume applications. It is stored as a cryogenic liquid in a vacuum-insulated vessel which can provide several days' supply and be used on demand as either a liquid or gas.

Nitrogen - common applications

  • Blanketing, inerting and purging
    Used to maintain a dry inert atmosphere over chemicals during storage, reaction or processing.
  • Food Industry
    Used for food freezing and chilling, Modified atmosphere packaging (MAPax), food storage (controled atmospheres) and food interting.

  • Metals
    Used in iron and steelworks applications
  • Lasers
    Used as an assist gas for laser cutting of stainless steel, aluminium and non-metallic materials
  • Sample storage
    Used to safely store medical or research samples, such as blood, plasma and semen

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